High Court Modifies Maintenance Order in Family Dispute

Maintenance Order in Family Dispute

News Summary:

In a recent judgment, the Karnataka High Court intervened in a family dispute to modify a maintenance order. Here’s a breakdown:


Dr. Manjappa T. filed RPFC No.35/2015 challenging a maintenance order issued by the Family Court, Davanagere, while Smt. Renuka and her children filed RPFC No.99/2016 seeking enhancement of the maintenance amount.

Maintenance Dispute:

The dispute arose from allegations leading to the desertion of the husband by the wife and children. The Family Court initially granted maintenance of Rs.12,000/- to the wife and Rs.2,500/- each to the children per month.

High Court Ruling:

After considering arguments from both parties, the High Court found that Dr. Manjappa T. had sufficient income to support his family. Evidence showed his income from his job as an Assistant Professor and his medical practice.

Modification of Maintenance:

The High Court adjusted the maintenance amount, ruling that Dr. Manjappa T. should pay Rs.20,000/- per month to his wife until her remarriage or lifetime, and Rs.10,000/- each to his children until they reach the age of majority.


The High Court’s decision highlights the importance of fair maintenance awards in family disputes. It ensures adequate support for dependents while considering the financial capacity of the spouse.

In summary, the High Court’s modification of the maintenance order aims to uphold the welfare of the family members involved in the dispute.

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