High Court Upholds Maintenance Order in Family Dispute

High Court Upholds Maintenance Order in Family Dispute

News Summary:

The Karnataka High Court recently ruled on a family dispute regarding maintenance, upholding the decision of the Family Court. Here’s a breakdown:


Sri. Lokesh filed a revision petition (RPFC No. 28 of 2018) against the maintenance order issued by the Family Court, Mysuru, under Section 125 of the Cr.P.C.

Maintenance Dispute:

The petitioner, Lokesh, challenged the maintenance granted to his wife, Smt. Bhagya, and their two children, Abhishek and Rahul, citing harassment allegations and his second marriage.

High Court Ruling:

After considering the arguments and evidence, the High Court found that the petitioner had ancestral properties and was financially capable of supporting his wife and children.

Dismissal of Petition:

The High Court dismissed Lokesh’s petition, stating that it lacked merit. It affirmed the Family Court’s decision, emphasizing the legal obligation to maintain dependent family members.

Amicus Curiae’s Role:

The court appointed Sri. Jay Kishan Sharma as Amicus Curiae, who provided valuable assistance in reaching the decision.


The High Court’s ruling underscores the importance of fulfilling familial responsibilities, especially when dependents are unable to support themselves. It highlights the legal and moral obligation to provide maintenance to one’s spouse and children in need.

In summary, the High Court’s decision to uphold the maintenance order serves to protect the welfare of the wife and children involved in the dispute.

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