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Adv. Prateek Maheshwari

Adv. Prateek Maheshwari

Online Family Law Consultation Services

Welcome to our Online Family Law Consultation Services, offering expert advice on a range of family matters, including divorce, maintenance, child custody, domestic violence, alimony, and more.

Service Details:

  • Consultation Duration: 30 minutes
  • Cost: Rs. 2500

Why Choose Our Online Consultation?

  1. Convenience: Seek expert advice from the comfort of your space, eliminating the need for travel.

  2. Expert Guidance: Access specialized knowledge and guidance from a seasoned family law professional.

  3. Confidentiality: Your consultation is strictly confidential, ensuring privacy for sensitive matters.

  4. Efficient and Insightful: Make the most of your 30-minute session with focused and insightful discussions.

How to Proceed?

Fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you via email within the next 48 hours with further instructions.

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