Legal Dispute Over Marriage Status and Maintenance: A Karnataka High Court Ruling

Legal Dispute Over Marriage Status and Maintenance

Legal Dispute Over Marriage Status and Maintenance: A Karnataka High Court Ruling

In a recent ruling by the Karnataka High Court, a legal dispute over marriage status and maintenance was addressed, shedding light on complexities within family law. Let’s delve into the details.


The case, RPFC No. 175 of 2019, coupled with RPFC No. 202 of 2017, involved a husband, Dasharatha C.V., and his wife, Venkatalakshmi, challenging an order passed by the Family Court regarding maintenance. The dispute arose from allegations leading to the couple’s separation, prompting legal recourse under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.P.C) for maintenance.


Dasharatha C.V., the respondent, disputed the marital status, claiming Venkatalakshmi had married another individual named Ramesh. This raised doubts about the legitimacy of their marital bond and the entitlement to maintenance.

Court Proceedings:

The court appointed Sri. Pundalik Chavan as Amicus Curiae to assist in the proceedings, ensuring a fair trial. However, the respondent failed to contest the case effectively, presenting no evidence before the Family Court.


The High Court, considering the evidence presented, decided to remand the case back to the Family Court for fresh adjudication. It granted the respondent an opportunity to present evidence regarding the marital status of Venkatalakshmi. Both parties were directed to cooperate with the Family Court for an expeditious resolution.


The ruling highlights the importance of verifying marital status in maintenance disputes. With the case remanded for further scrutiny, the legal process aims to ensure fairness and justice for all parties involved.

In conclusion, the Karnataka High Court’s ruling underscores the intricate nature of family law, emphasizing the need for thorough examination in matters of marriage status and maintenance.

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