Court Grants Divorce in Marriage Dispute

Court Grants Divorce in Marriage Dispute

A Delhi court grants divorce in a case where a husband sought separation due to alleged cruelty by his wife. Here’s a breakdown:


The husband filed for divorce under Section 13(1)(ia) of the Hindu Marriage Act, citing cruelty. The marriage, arranged through a marriage bureau, lasted briefly, with the couple facing irreconcilable differences.

Legal Proceedings:

The husband alleged that the wife’s behavior post-marriage was hostile, and she filed false complaints against him, leading to criminal proceedings. Despite efforts to reconcile, the marriage ended in separation.

Court’s Decision:

The Family Court dismissed the divorce petition, citing lack of evidence of cruelty. However, the High Court overturned this decision, considering the false complaints and harassment faced by the husband and his family, granting divorce on grounds of mental cruelty.


The court emphasized the trust deficit between the spouses and the futility of reconciliation, granting divorce based on the husband’s ordeal of facing false allegations and prolonged legal battles. This judgment underscores the importance of considering mental anguish in marriage disputes.

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