Delhi High Court Facilitates Settlement in Family Guardianship Dispute

Delhi High Court Resolves Family Dispute

Delhi High Court Resolves Family Dispute

In a recent judgment, the Delhi High Court addressed a family dispute concerning guardianship and financial provisions for a minor child. The case, MAT.APP.(F.C.)No.230/2023, involved Vinod Tayal as the appellant and Smt. Neha & Anr. as respondents. The court, comprising Justices Rajiv Shakdher and Amit Bansal, facilitated a settlement agreement between the parties, ensuring the welfare of the minor child.

Guardianship Application and Settlement Agreement

The respondents filed an application seeking guardianship of the minor child, R-2, who is differently-abled. The application was based on the fact that R-1, the mother and widow of the deceased Sachin Kumar Tayal, was the natural guardian. Additionally, the parties jointly submitted a settlement agreement, CM Appl.19111/2024, outlining financial arrangements and other terms.

Approval of Settlement Terms

The settlement agreement, dated 06.03.2024, detailed that Rs.1.10 crores would be paid to R-1 and R-2, with specific allocations for the minor child’s future needs. The court reviewed the terms and found them to be in the best interest of R-2. Consequently, the court approved the agreement and appointed R-1 as the natural guardian of R-2.

Implementation of Settlement

The court directed the parties to fulfill their obligations as per the settlement agreement. Additionally, the appellant presented a demand draft of Rs.20 lakhs towards the settlement. With the approval of the settlement and the financial provisions in place, the court closed the pending applications and vacated the interim order.

This judgment highlights the judiciary’s role in facilitating settlements and ensuring the welfare of minor children in family disputes.

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