High Court Dismisses Appeal in Marriage Dissolution Case

High Court Dismisses Appeal in Marriage Dissolution Case

High Court Dismisses Appeal in Marriage Dissolution Case

In a recent judgment, the High Court of Delhi dismissed an appeal challenging a marriage dissolution decree. The case, registered under Section 19 of the Family Courts Act, 1984, involved allegations of cruelty and desertion. The appellant, Suman Kumar Bhan, sought dissolution of his marriage with respondent Durga Bhan under Section 13(1)(ia) & (ib) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1956. The appellant claimed that the respondent had concealed her true age and medical history before marriage. Allegations of refusal to cohabit, mental agony, and torture were made against the respondent.

Allegations and Counterclaims

Suman Kumar Bhan alleged that Durga Bhan refused to disclose her age and medical conditions, leading to a strained relationship. He claimed that despite efforts to maintain harmony, the respondent exhibited disrespectful behavior, including refusing to perform household chores and engaging in extra-marital affairs. On the other hand, Durga Bhan refuted these claims, stating that she faced cruelty from Suman Kumar Bhan’s family and was compelled to leave due to threats and mistreatment.

Court’s Decision

After hearing both sides, the court observed that the appellant failed to provide substantial evidence to prove the allegations of cruelty and desertion. The court emphasized the importance of mutual respect and trust in marriage. It noted that while allegations were made, there was insufficient evidence to support them. Additionally, the court highlighted the absence of efforts from the appellant to reconcile or seek legal remedies earlier. Therefore, the appeal was dismissed, affirming the lower court’s decision.


The judgment underscores the significance of presenting concrete evidence in matrimonial disputes. It reflects the court’s commitment to uphold the principles of justice and fairness in resolving marital conflicts.

This summary provides a simplified overview of the judgment, highlighting key points such as the allegations, court’s observations, and the final decision. It aims to make the complex legal proceedings understandable to a broader audience, including students.

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