Father’s Custody Rights Upheld: Kerala High Court Dismisses Custody Petition

Kerala High Court Upholds Father's Custody Rights

Kerala High Court Upholds Father’s Custody Rights

In a recent judgment, the Kerala High Court dismissed a custody petition filed by a mother, upholding the father’s custody rights. Here’s a breakdown of the case:


The case involved Shamnad A and Huda N, who entered a Talaq Mubarath agreement to dissolve their marriage. The agreement included terms regarding the custody of their two minor children.

Legal Proceedings:

The petitioner, Shamnad A, argued that the custody matter was settled in the Talaq Mubarath agreement and questioned the maintainability of a fresh custody petition by the respondent, Huda N.

Legal Basis:

The court examined Sections 7 and 39 of the Guardians and Wards Act, which address guardianship and the removal of guardians, respectively. It noted that a guardian appointed by the court cannot be removed without cause.

Court’s Decision:

The court found that the Family Court, Chavara, had only dissolved the marriage and not addressed custody. As the children resided within the jurisdiction of the Family Court, Mavelikkara, it was deemed appropriate for it to consider the custody matter.


The Kerala High Court dismissed the custody petition, reaffirming the father’s custody rights as per the terms of the Talaq Mubarath agreement.

This judgment highlights the importance of understanding legal agreements and jurisdictional matters in custody disputes.

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