Karnataka High Court Modifies Maintenance Order in RPFC No. 56 of 2019

Karnataka High Court Modifies Maintenance Order

Karnataka High Court Modifies Maintenance Order

In RPFC No. 56 of 2019, the Karnataka High Court addressed a dispute over maintenance obligations. Here’s a simplified overview:


The case involved Smt. Soumya H.L. @ Yashodha and her minor son, Anvay, seeking maintenance from Natesha, Soumya’s husband and Anvay’s father. They filed a petition under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.P.C) after facing difficulties living separately from Natesha.

Petitioners’ Argument:

Soumya and Anvay challenged the Family Court’s decision, which denied maintenance to Soumya and granted only Rs.3,000/- per month for Anvay. They argued that Natesha, as the husband and father, had a legal obligation to support them.

Court’s Decision:

After reviewing the case, the High Court found the Family Court’s decision erroneous. It noted that Soumya’s work did not absolve Natesha of his duty to maintain her and their child. Additionally, considering Natesha’s occupation as a tailor and ownership of agricultural land, the court deemed him financially capable of providing adequate support.


The High Court modified the maintenance order, directing Natesha to pay Rs.8,000/- per month to Soumya and an additional Rs.3,000/- per month for Anvay’s support. These payments were to be made regularly without fail.


This judgment reinforces the legal responsibility of spouses and parents to provide maintenance, ensuring the welfare of dependents. It highlights the court’s role in assessing and adjusting maintenance orders to meet the needs of family members in distress.

In conclusion, the Karnataka High Court’s decision in RPFC No. 56 of 2019 emphasizes the importance of fair and adequate maintenance support, ensuring the well-being of vulnerable family members.

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