Court Modifies Maintenance Amount in Family Dispute

Court Modifies Maintenance Amount in Family Dispute

Court Modifies Maintenance Amount in Family Dispute

The Karnataka High Court recently delivered a significant judgment in RPFC No. 186 of 2017, involving a dispute over maintenance amount between B.S. Rajeshwari and M. Mahadevappa. The court, presided over by Justice Hanchate Sanjeevkumar, addressed the appeal filed against the order of the Family Court at Tumakuru.

Background of the Case

B.S. Rajeshwari, the wife, and M. Rahul, the son, petitioned for an enhancement of the maintenance amount awarded by the Family Court. They contested that the initial amount of Rs. 1,500 per month each was insufficient, given Mahadevappa’s financial capacity.

Arguments and Decision

Evidence presented, including pay slips and property ownership documents, indicated Mahadevappa’s financial stability. The court noted his employment as a traffic controller in KSRTC, ownership of agricultural land, and rental income from multiple properties. Based on this evidence, the court concluded that the Family Court erred in assessing Mahadevappa’s financial capacity.

Court’s Ruling

The Karnataka High Court modified the maintenance amount, granting an additional Rs. 6,000 per month to both Rajeshwari and Rahul. Additionally, Mahadevappa was ordered to pay Rs. 10,000 as litigation costs to the petitioners. The court highlighted the necessity of ensuring adequate maintenance for dependents, considering the financial means of the respondent.


This judgment emphasizes the importance of fair maintenance assessments in family disputes. By considering the financial capacity of the respondent, the court ensures equitable support for dependents, aligning with the provisions of the Family Court Act.

This summary encapsulates the essence of the court’s decision to modify the maintenance amount in a family dispute, emphasizing the relevance of the Family Court Act in ensuring fair assessments of maintenance obligations.

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