False Allegations by Wife: Delhi High Court Upholds Divorce Decree

In a significant judgment by the Delhi High Court, the issue of false allegations made by a wife has been addressed. The case, W.P.(C.) No. MAT.APP.(F.C.) 111/2019, involved a dispute between Jyoti Yadav (the appellant) and Neeraj Yadav (the respondent). The appellant had lodged multiple complaints and made serious accusations against the respondent and his family, including publishing allegations of sexual harassment against her father-in-law in a prominent newspaper. Let’s delve into the details of the case and the court’s decision.

Summary of the Case

The parties were married in 2014 but soon faced difficulties in their relationship. The appellant lodged an FIR against her father-in-law and filed false complaints of dowry harassment. She also made unfounded allegations of extra-marital affairs by the respondent. The Family Court, after considering the evidence, concluded that the appellant had inflicted mental cruelty on the respondent and granted a decree of divorce.

Court's Decision

Illustration depicts Delhi High Court Judgment in which Divorce was upheld due to False Allegations by Wife

The Delhi High Court, in its judgment, upheld the Family Court’s decision. The court highlighted that the appellant had even admitted to publishing allegations of sexual harassment against her father-in-law in a renowned newspaper, further tarnishing his reputation. Such malicious intent and false accusations undermine the sanctity of marriage and cause significant harm to the individuals involved. The court emphasized the need to discourage and condemn such behavior.


The Delhi High Court’s judgment reaffirms the importance of truth and credibility in matrimonial disputes. False allegations by a wife, as seen in this case, can have far-reaching consequences and destroy trust within a relationship. The court’s decision to uphold the divorce decree sends a clear message that the justice system will not tolerate baseless accusations that cause harm to individuals and their families. Upholding integrity and honesty is crucial for maintaining the sanctity of marriage and promoting a healthy society.

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