Landmark Judgment: Divorce Granted on Grounds of Cruelty

Divorce Granted on Grounds of Cruelty

Introduction to the Case:

The case involved an appeal under the Family Courts Act and the Hindu Marriage Act, where the appellant sought divorce on grounds of cruelty.

Allegations and Responses:

The appellant claimed instances of humiliation and emotional distress, citing the respondent’s behavior towards him. The respondent, however, denied the allegations and counter-claimed harassment for dowry.

Medical Evidence:

Medical reports revealed the appellant’s physical capability for conception, debunking claims of impotency. However, the couple faced challenges with infertility, leading to failed IVF attempts.

Legal Analysis:

The court scrutinized the evidence and concluded that the appellant had indeed faced cruelty, justifying the grant of divorce under Section 13(1)(ia) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Key Takeaways:

The judgment underscores the delicate balance between personal relationships and legal redressal, emphasizing the need for sensitivity in handling marital disputes.


This ruling sets a precedent for cases involving marital discord, offering clarity on the legal recourse available to individuals facing cruelty in marriage.

This comprehensive summary outlines the pivotal aspects of the judgment, shedding light on the legal intricacies surrounding divorce on grounds of cruelty.

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