(1) Subject to the provisions of this section a Hindu is bound, during his or her life-time, to maintain his or her legitimate or illegitimate children and his or her aged or infirm parents.

(2) A legitimate or illegitimate child may claim maintenance from his or her father or mother so long as the child is a minor.

(3) The obligation of a person to maintain his or her aged or infirm parent or a daughter who is unmarried extends in so far as the parent or the unmarried daughter, as the case may be, is unable to maintain himself or herself out of his or her own earnings or other property.

Explanation.―In this section “parent” includes a childless step-mother.

Bullet Points on Section 20 HAMA:

  • A Hindu is obligated to provide maintenance to their legitimate or illegitimate children and their aged or infirm parents during their lifetime.
  • Legitimate or illegitimate children can claim maintenance from their father or mother as long as they are minors.
  • The responsibility to maintain aged or infirm parents or unmarried daughters extends as long as they cannot support themselves with their own earnings or property.
  • The term “parent” in this section also includes childless stepmothers.
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