Delhi High Court Dismisses Appeal, Upholds Divorce Decree in Marital Dispute

Delhi High Court Dismisses Appeal, Upholds Divorce Decree in Marital Dispute

Marriage Dissolution Upheld by Delhi High Court

In a significant legal decision, the Delhi High Court recently upheld a divorce decree, marking the culmination of a protracted marital dispute between Kitty Bhardwaj and Lalit Pyare Lal Bhardwaj. The judgment, delivered on March 13, 2024, dismissed an appeal filed by Kitty Bhardwaj against a previous decision granting divorce to Lalit Pyare Lal Bhardwaj. Here’s a breakdown of the case and the court’s ruling:

Background and Legal Proceedings

The case originated from a divorce petition filed by Lalit Pyare Lal Bhardwaj before the Family Court in Mumbai. However, due to jurisdictional issues, the matter was eventually transferred to the Family Court in Saket, New Delhi. The couple, both American citizens of Hindu faith, got married in New Delhi in 1973 and had two children during their 41-year-long marriage.

Allegations and Counter-Allegations

The crux of the dispute revolved around allegations of cruelty and abandonment. Lalit Pyare Lal Bhardwaj accused Kitty Bhardwaj of neglecting household responsibilities, displaying dominant behavior, and making baseless accusations of infidelity. On the other hand, Kitty Bhardwaj alleged that Lalit Pyare Lal Bhardwaj failed to provide financial support, engaged in extramarital affairs, and neglected familial responsibilities.

Court’s Decision

After evaluating the evidence and testimonies presented by both parties, the Family Court granted Lalit Pyare Lal Bhardwaj a divorce under Section 13(1)(ia) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, citing irretrievable breakdown of the marriage due to sustained cruelty. Despite Kitty Bhardwaj’s appeal challenging the decision, the Delhi High Court upheld the divorce decree, emphasizing the long-standing conflicts and lack of efforts towards reconciliation.


The judgment underscores the evolving nature of marital laws and the court’s role in adjudicating complex interpersonal disputes. With the dissolution of the marriage, both parties are now legally separated, bringing an end to a decades-long legal battle.

This summary encapsulates the key aspects of the judgment, highlighting the legal proceedings, allegations, court’s decision, and its implications on the parties involved.

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