Karnataka High Court: 125 CrPC Judgement in favour of Wife

Bengaluru, January 2, 2024 – In a significant legal milestone, a recent 125 CrPC judgement in favour of wife by the Karnataka High Court sets a precedent by granting maintenance to the wife and a minor child, affirming the court’s commitment to ensuring spousal and child support.

The petitioner, represented by advocates, challenged the maintenance order that directed a monthly payment of Rs. 4,000 to the wife and Rs. 3,000 to the minor child. The petitioner argued being a daily wage earner in a printing press, earning between Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 per day. However, the court, considering the petitioner’s skills as a technologist and ownership of agricultural land, assessed the monthly income at Rs. 20,000.

The recent hearing at the High Court dismissed the petitioner’s claims, upholding the Family Court’s decision as just and proper. The court, using its discretion, found the petitioner’s income insufficient to challenge the maintenance order.

This landmark judgement sheds light on the intricacies of maintenance cases and the importance of fair spousal and child support. The court-appointed Amicus Curiae emphasized the accurate assessment of the petitioner’s income, underscoring the need for equitable resolutions in family matters.

A Judge granting maintenance order in a family court. Text overlay says "125 CrPC Judgement in Favour of Wife"

In a legal landscape where financial responsibilities often accompany familial ties, cases like these contribute to the evolving jurisprudence surrounding maintenance disputes. The judgement serves as a reminder of the nuanced considerations involved in determining maintenance amounts and the significance of fair representation in such legal proceedings.

Conclusion: This Karnataka High Court’s 125 CrPC judgement in favour of wife to uphold the maintenance order is a landmark judgement emphasizing the court’s commitment to ensuring financial support for wives and children. This case adds to the growing jurisprudence surrounding maintenance disputes, highlighting the importance of accurate assessments and fair representation in family court proceedings.

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Click above to download this Judgment in the case titled RPFC 142 OF 2015. It can serve as a valuable resource for legal reference.

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